ERASMUS+ GEOGUIDES project launched

Work began in Paris at ESCE International Business School on the ERASMUS+ project "GEOGUIDES" 2022-2024, to train professionals with geological skills applied to mining and geological tourism. With Mediterranean Pearls NGO and partners from France, Cyprus, Poland, Slovenia and Malta.
Geotourism is the tourism of geology and landscape, and a rapidly growing sector: travel and appreciation of natural landscapes and geological phenomena continue to grow as a niche area of the global tourism industry. The geoguides that we will train in the Eramsus+ Project, will have to be able to provide information to the visitor using non-specialist language to describe geological features of the area's mineral sites. These guides will be aimed not only at the visitor geologist and naturalist, but also at tourists who wish to learn about the geological constitution of Italian mining sites, the landscape, and geoheritage, looking for the connection between landscape and geological phenomena.

Geotourism wants to be an invitation to everyone to discover and understand how our planet is made by reaching breathtaking sceneries. A geoguide knows how to organise a geotourism trip and knows how to plan excursions to suitable locations. We want to encourage territories to develop geotourism that focuses not only on the environment and geological heritage, but also on cultural, historical and landscape value. In this sense, we encourage the effective involvement of local citizens and visitors, so that they are not limited to the role of tourist spectators, thus helping to build a local identity and promote what is authentic and unique about the area. In this way, we ensure that the territory and its inhabitants achieve environmental integrity, social justice and sustainable economic development.

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